Love God

  • Studying Scripture on your own to sharpen and deepen your theology
  • Healthy vibrant prayer life
  • Receiving accountability and spiritual authority from hub leader
  • Learning and using your gifts/calling

Love People

  • Confession and repentance with leader
  • Spending time w/apprentice to know and serve them well.
  • Regular and consistent follow up based on needs/struggles mentioned in time together.
  • Consistent engagement with neighbors outside of group gatherings.

Push Back Darkness

  • Geographic mission engagement personally
  • Non-Christian relationships where each is known
  • Demonstration socially in your area (social justice, poor & needy, widows & orphans)
  • Consistent prayer over and for all these areas.
  • Praying for the poor corporately?
  • Engaging prayer for world missions?


Written by Frontline Resources