51gD3+CI9nL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_A must read book that all our elders read to really focus on what it means for the Kingdom to come.  So often we focus on simply “relief” efforts when “development” truly makes it look on earth like it is in heaven.

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Excerpt from the publisher:

Kingdom Outposts is about relief & development … and it’s about church planting, biblical theology, apostolic leadership, the kingdom of God, and a distinctive kingdom economics. “Relief & development” as usually presented is actually NOT in the Bible.This would seem to be a problem for developing a fresh theology of relief & development! But Kingdom Outposts does frame up the implications of Jesus’ gospel of the kingdom for a distinctive economics, and for the way of Christ and his apostles for relief and development. Churches–rightly understood as Kingdom Outposts–are not sources of money and manpower for relief & development done by outside agencies. They ARE relief & development!

Written by Frontline Resources