All Community Group Leaders should be covenant members of Frontline Church.


  1. LOVE FOR GOD: I JOHN 4:7-10

You should be captured by the gospel and have an understanding that he loved us first. You should still be amazed by his grace. You should be so compelled by the gospel that you want to be led more than you want to lead and controlled by the gospel that the most important question in your life is, “Jesus, what do you want?” Finally, all of Christian life is one of repentance, so we see ongoing repentance in your life

  1. LOVE FOR PEOPLE: I JOHN 4:11; 20

You must be known and accountable. You must be surrendered to the Authority of Scripture. You must be courageous and developing a shepherds heart.


You need to be willing to engage in pushing back darkness within your group as well as be on mission personally. You also need to have a working understanding of your gifts and your calling


  • Submit a weekly report to your hub leader with attendance, prayer requests, and any additional items the hub leader should be aware of.
  • Apprentice – Every group should be working toward having an apprentice by about 3 months in. The apprentice, depending on skill and experience, would be the person to launch out of the group for the next multiplication. You would be teaching the apprentice what you are doing and discipling them the way your hub leader is discipling you. If you need some help with a structure for this, let your hub leader know.
  • Be involved in quarterly trainings. We are moving to a quarterly training structure. We will gather everyone in the hub (leaders and community group members) for a better part of a day training and fun time. We will do lunch and teaching but also getting to know others in your hub. These will be helpful for you and for the members of your group.
  • You will be evaluated and will eventually begin evaluating your group based on a predetermined evaluation form and process.
Written by Frontline Resources